Kaizen Monthly is a long-term project I began publishing at the beginning of 2020. It is my attempt to pursue exploration and creativity without external pressures or metrics. I’m seeking to work on thoughts and ideas that excite me and drive me forward.

The name is derived from the Japanese word ‘kaizen(改善)’ meaning “change for better”. It is representative of a concept in business of eliminating waste and continuously improving system-level problems over a long period of time.

I am aiming for each post to be published in a roughly monthly basis but this is loosely applied and is likely to change based on the course of the month’s activities and post depth.




I believe that social media feeds have begun to overwhelm people with information and content without depth or relevance. I believe that people should curate their consumption preferences so that they receive distilled, purposeful thoughts on topics they truly care about—otherwise we are just consuming blindly.

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