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Providing Context

For the first post as part of my Kaizen project, it seems important to provide some context from which to view this undertaking. First and foremost, it is an attempt to put myself on a path to mastery—undertaking learning in an entirely intentional way over a long period of time; ramping up complexity and reaching a point of ‘intellectual momentum’ whereby I may leverage a long period of introspection and concept-building pursuits.

In a period of increasingly-blurred lines between intellectual disciplines and an incredibly chaotic environment in which career selection occurs, it can be difficult to reconcile your current activities with your future goals. When viewed from the outside, luck seems to play a huge role in the success of others—did the work they were doing translate perfectly with the rise of a new niche market? How can we tell if the skills we are building in the present will prove to be helpful in the future?

The solution when these disciplinary boundaries begin to break down is measuring your progress through an internal measurement whereby the work itself is unaffected by the unpredictability of such changes. Understanding and embracing the distinction between external versus internal navigation means discarding the map of degrees, promotions and new clients in favour of mapping strengths, weaknesses and ideas.

Thus my writing serves, through introspection and repetition, to refine the landscape of my abilities and set my own pace. Working and releasing. Reworking and re-releasing. Finding the subset of life that excites me and drives me forward.

I look forward to the opportunity to share my inspiration from others, connect with people, collaborate on interesting projects and document the workings of my mind as best as I can. This will prove to be an exciting journey.